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“Thanks Just Fine Wine, I appreciate all that you do, that's why I drive across the bridge. ”

– Elaine N.

“I like the variety of the LE kits. Our kids compliment us on the wines from all of your kits. Also they say they don’t have regrets (headaches) the next day like from commercial wines. ”

– Bill & Bev B

“Just wanted to let you know the sparkling Island Mist Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc is great. We're really enjoying that one and are trying to make it last until Christmas. The real surprise though is the California Zinfandel Shiraz. I expected something a little more peppery but this is smooth and full bodied with lots of cherry and coffee flavours. This one is definitely not going to last until Christmas. Cheers, Curtis”

– Curtis M.

“We like the variety and the selected LE wines. I have 3 of your kits going at present. Our partners and family enjoy the wine made from your kits. Their friends also. For the quality and the price it can’t be beat. Regards, Bill ”

– Bill B

“We went into Just Fine Wine to pick up our wine last week. We had a great time it was our first time. The staff and service and wine are all wonderful, definitely will be back soon. Thank you again.”

– Sharon R

“Gee you guys. We are just sitting here enjoying a glass of the red wine we bottled today at your shop. Once again it supersedes our expectations. Thanks so much.”

– Joan & John V

“Jen and I bottled our wine tonight. Looking forward to progressively working our way through them (keeping 6 to mature) and ordering some more. Many thanks to Jamie and team at Just Fine Wine! Fantastic set up guys, VERY professional outfit. Many thanks for the friendly service/advice. You will be having Jen and my business for many more times. Cheers!”

– Rob & Jen M

“I Love my friends at Just Fine Wine”

– Sandra C

“We love dealing with "Just Fine Wine", all of the staff are so helpful and friendly and make making wine very enjoyable!! Thanks Leslie, Doug and Jamie. ”

– Lin B

“We just wanted to let you know how great we think the red wine we just bottled is (the one with the skins!) - fabulous thanks for recommending it.”

– Joan & John V

“We have moved to (location removed) but we still want to bottle wine at your facility. We did 4 batches with you about 1 1/2 years ago and every bottle was delicious. We tried the a facility here in (location removed) but yours is 110% better.”

– Patti & Gerry R

“We love going to Just Fine Wine; we have seen their business grow and prosper over the last 10 plus years and we are so delighted for them; couldn't happen to a nicer couple - and, then they are lucky enough to have Jamie!!! ”

– Joan & John V

“Chocolate raspberry port is the best!”

– Sandy B

“The first batch was great! we will be bottling our second in a couple weeks.....looking forward to it.”

– Kathie M


– Beth D

“The new batch of Merlot wine I bottled yesterday is welcomed by all here at home, as being very good for evening sipping, congratulations! I love it!”

– Rick W

“When we started making wine at Just Fine wine a couple of years a go we soon realized we were on to a good thing. Leslie, Doug and Jamie are great, friendly and helpful. The quality of their wine is superb. We have made a few different batches and every single one so far is fantastic. Needless to say we are thrilled to have found this place and look forward to trying many more of their great products. Thanks again.”

– Landa P

“You folks are the best! Thank you sooo much for helping me this morning. I have a small commercial bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, did a taste test-even though my wine was not yet cold, and hands down yours is head and shoulders (and the rest of the body if you want to throw that in too) BETTER. Looking forward to a chilled glass later.”

– Doris P

“To the Just Fine Wine Team (Leslie, Doug & Jamie), Derek and I want to especially thank you for all your help with our wedding plans. With all your expertise on choosing the Sparkling White Merlot (a HUGE crowd pleaser!!!), the popular Gewürztraminer & the tasty Sangiovese (also, both wines impressed all our guests, especially two Sommeliers!). Over the years, you have never failed in providing the upmost best service, knowledge, help and kindness. Also, as you well know, understanding and patience for our ever-constant tardiness. I blame Elaine!!! lol. Okay, maybe the kids... It is an honour to be one of your first reviews here on FB. Congrats on the tremendous success! We sincerely wish you all the best and tons of love, Arlene & Derek XOOXOXOOXOXO PS. We love supporting local and awesome people!!! :)”

– Arlene & Derek P

“Just Fine Wine, Well it's been a few months and we had such a good time, we want to do it again. We'll be putting on another few kits for a 10 year anniversary party?? Words can't describe the quality of the red/white wine, the ice wine and the port that we brewed at Just Fine Wine. Our guests raved about them for weeks. From the wines that perfectly complemented the meal, the port that was served with cigars, and the ice wine that was sent home with the guests as gifts, we could not have been happier with every aspect of the brewing process...most especially getting to know you. Thank you very much for all of your help making our day truly special.”

– Rob & Shari D

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