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Dear Jamie,
Thank you to all who were able to join us for our Customer Appreciation & Anniversary Celebration. Pictures of the weekend will be posted soon; check out our page on Facebook. Congratulations to Anne Trigardi, our Grand Prize Winner of a 50 Bottle Wine Fridge! 
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Back by Popular Demand ~ Chocolate Raspberry Port!
JUST FINE WINE & Winexpert are pleased to announce that for a limited time (and by pre-order only), you can make and enjoy Chocolate Raspberry Port - gold medal winner at the 2008 and 2009 WineMaker Amateur Wine Competition.
Hugely popular last year, this wine is bursting with rich, intense flavours and aromas, has traditional Port character of warm, rounded cherry and plum, supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry. Perfumed and gently tart with luscious liquid chocolate, beguiling with dark, bittersweet aromas of coffee and vanilla. Toasty hints of oak guide the way to a long, rich finish. Excellent within three months, this wine will age gorgeously...if you can keep any that long!
The Chocolate Raspberry Port pre-order deadline is August 7, 2009 and the product will be available September 2009. Order yours before it's gone!
Sweetness: 7
Body: Full
Alcohol by volume: 15% - 16.5%
Food pairings: Delicious on its own or with any dessert, or serve with toasted nuts or shortbread.
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Annual Limited Edition Wine Tasting!
JUST FINE WINE is happy to announce that we will once again be holding our Annual Limited Edition Wine Tasting. This is a great opportunity for you to find out about next year's Limited Edition Series in a casual and enjoyable atmosphere.
wine tastingWinexpert's Limited Edition Wines are announced in October and released systematically in January, February, March and April. The Wine Tasting allows you to sample commercial equivalents of the Limited Editions, enjoy food/wine pairings, and mingle with fellow wine-lovers.
The event will be taking place locally in late October/early November. More details are to come, as we are working on securing the exact date/location, but be sure to give us a call or drop by to reserve your spot today (no deposit necessary).
Did You Know...
JUST FINE WINE offers a wide range of specialty wines? The Selection Spéciale Series includes Dry Sherry, Cream Sherry, Port, Cabernet Franc Icewine, Riesling Icewine and the "Best in Show" award-winning, Millennium Sparking Wine. All varieties are ready to bottle in 6 to 8 weeks and are perfect for dinner engagements, celebrations, festive occasions, or just to sip on while spending a quiet evening at home.
For further information on these premium specialty wines CLICK HERE.


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Are You Properly Caring for your Glassware?
You may have heard the purist say you should flush your glass 4 or 5 times with only hot water to get rid of the wine
residue, fingerprints and lipstick and that you should never, ever, wash your stemware in the dishwasher. This is well and good and certainly achievable for a formal wine tasting. So what about the real world? The one where we enjoy our wine with finger foods and in the presence of good friends and family,
where the party is over and littered glassware seems to have found its resting spot on virtually every horizontal surface. What
now Mr. Purist?
Without mentioning the specifics of the composition of wine stemware, we will divide it broadly into 2 categories - regular everyday
glass stemware and everything else, or specifically more porous. Regular glass stemware can be washed in the dishwasher, just
don't dry by heat.
Greater care must be taken with the porous glass as it can easily absorb soapy 'flavours'- so while your glass is technically clean,
it can alter the wine. The easiest way to care for these is to wash in the hottest water that is comfortable, with a small amount
of mild dish soap and baking soda, which will both soften the water and boost the power of the soap. Focus your efforts on the
outside of the glass - this is where the tough offenders are - fingerprints, lipstick, food residue... Finally rinse the bowl very
well with hot water and then rinse again. You can dry the glasses by placing them upside down or with a lint
free towel. Your glass is now ready for its next use. Drink in moderation and enjoy!
- Published in From the Vine Spring 2009 

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Enjoy the Summer!
Doug, Les, Jamie & Staff
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We would like to show our appreciation to our clients that have the trust in us to refer JUST FINE WINE to their friends and family. When a new, referred client makes their first on-premise purchase from us, they and the clients who made the referral will receive a 4 piece crystal stemware set OR a $20.00 discount off the regular price of any on-premise Winexpert kit.
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