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If time flies when you're having fun the we must be having a blast! If any one has figured out just how it got to be almost half way through October already, please let us know. With this time of year comes the annual reminder to start your Christmas wines if you haven't done so already. We don't want you needlessly wasting good money on bad liquor store prices so make sure your wine cellar is well-stocked for the holidays and beyond. With that in mind, please make note of some important and fast approaching dates:

October 25: Last Day to Order Eclipse Wines In Time For Christmas
October 29: LE17 Wine Tasting with Tim Ellison. Tickets available now for only $15 at Just Fine Wine.
November 1: Last Day to Order Selection Wines In Time For Christmas
November 15: Last Day to Order World Vineyard & Vintners Reserve Wines In Time For Christmas
December 2: LE17 Pre-order Deadline

 LE17 Wine Tasting October 29. Get Your Tickets Now.

Reserve Your LE17 Vintages by December 2, 2017.


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World Vineyard Cheese Pairings

Take Your Wine To The Next Level With Oak Barrel Aging

Now Taking Oak Barrel Aged Orders For:

  • ECLIPSE Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay -- Ready To Bottle 2018 -- (Only 1 Left!)
    •  Chardonnay is the most widely planted grape in the world, from Burgundy in France to Australia and back to California. Its reputation is well earned, as it makes delicious wines! The Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma produces some of the most sought-after wines in the world. With its combination of well drained, rich volcanic soil, long California growing seasons, copious sunshine and cool coastal breezes, it produces grapes of powerful and unique intensity. Fruit shines through in ECLIPSE Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay with citrus scents and tropical flavours in this fresh, well-balanced wine while its rich, round mouthfeel lingers to a long, crisp finish. The oak barrel aging adds vanilla and smoke to add structure and depth. With a bold flavour and mouth-filling fruit, it will complement almost any meal, including grilled chicken, fresh salmon, lobster, or pasta with cream sauces. Great value is to be had here as Sonoma Chardonnays can be found in liquor stores in the $20 to $65 per bottle range!
  • ECLIPSE Barossa Valley Shiraz w/Grape Skins -- Ready To Bottle 2018 -- (Few Remaining!)
    • Since it's release in Fall 2013, this wine has hit the ground running. Rarely does a new wine capture a loyal following as fast as Eclipse Barossa Valley Shiraz. Hailing from Australia’s quintessential wine region, this wine is a big, full bodied Shiraz with rich notes of chocolate and spice that have become synonymous with Barossa Valley and Australian wine in general. Pair with an equally rich dish to stand up to the big aromas and flavours. Think thick stews, or grilled steaks with sautéed mushrooms. The dark fruit notes in this wine would also pair beautifully with roast pork and cranberry chutney.
  • SELECTION Argentine Malbec w/Grape Skins -- Ready To Bottle 2018 -- (Now Taking Reservations)
    • An truly excellent wine that flew under the radar of many wine lovers for years. That is no longer the case as Malbec is a wine that has gained a strong foothold in both the commercial and craft winemaking markets over the last decade. Selection Argentine Malbec with grape skins is a medium/full-bodied, dry red wine with firm acidity, rich tannins and generous alcohol levels. Dark, inky purple colour and ripe fruit flavours of plums, black cherry and blackberry give an almost jammy character on the palate. Smoke, earth, leather, wild game, tobacco and white/black pepper along with intriguingly spicy notes make for an interesting medley of aromas and flavours, adding to layers of complexity. Definitely a wine for red meat, it is adaptable enough to stand up to spicy cuisines, such as Mexican, Cajun, Indian, Thai or Italian, working especially well with barbecue and other hard to pair meat-based dishes.

Impressive Pairings: Pancetta & Egg Pasta with World Vineyard Italian Pinot Grigio

Are you looking for the perfect accompaniment to your favourite wine? Are you interested in learning more about what wine complements what cuisine? If yes, then “Impressive Pairings” is the feature for you. This month we feature Pancetta & Egg Pasta paired with World Vineyard Italian Pinot Grigio. Click the image above for the step by step video & written recipe.

It's Time to Start Your Christmas Wine

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