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Dear Jamie,
It's a very exciting time for Just Fine Wine and Winexpert. The next several weeks will see the release of the final Limited Edition for this year (Italian Brunello); the launch of the brand new Mojito and Strawberry Margarita Twisted Mist (read more below); and two new Selection Estate Series Small Lots Edition releases (more info to come). We hope you enjoy and are as excited about these great new products as we are!
Get Twisted this Summer!
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This April, Just Fine Wine and Winexpert are extremely excited to introduce Twisted Mist, a delicious new and exciting addition to the Island Mist family. Each 10 litre kit produces thirty 750ml bottles of ready-to-drink cocktail, with higher alcohol content then regular Island Mist - so no need to add anything else. Just chill and enjoy!
Presenting.....Strawberry Margarita and Mojito!
Tropical fruits bursting with quenching citrus and zesty aromas make this a brilliant ready-to-drink poolside cocktail.
Twisted Mist BoxTwisted Mist BoxTwisted Mist Box
Twisted Mist is available this month and in limited quantities. CLICK HERE to learn more about getting Twisted this summer.

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Are Your Serving Your Wine At Optimal Temperature?
Most of us have a tendency to serve our white wines a little too cold and our red wines a little too warm. Common wisdom tells us that we should serve red wines at room temperature and white wines chilled. However, in winter when we have our furnace running, room temperature will usually be warmer than the ideal for drinking red wine. Likewise, drinking white wine straight out of our refrigerator that is set at 2 degrees Celsius is too cold. If you serve a wine too cold, all the flavours and aroma will be hidden, and if you serve a wine too warm, all that you will taste is the alcohol.
Serving your wine at the correct temperature just takes a little planning ahead. Most of us keep the white wines we plan to drink in the fridge, but they should be removed a little while before you serve them, so that they are not overly cold when consumed. How long before depends on what type of wine it is. Conversely, a red wine stored at a temperature warmer than you wish to drink it can be chilled slightly by placing it in the fridge 30 or so minutes before serving. To rapidly chill a bottle of wine, placing it in iced water will be quicker than using your fridge.
Below is a brief guide to the suggested best serving temperature for different types of wine: 
Wine Serving Temperatures
originally published in From The Vine Spring 2010
Now In Store: Italian Brunello!  
Italian Brunello
Originally offered in April 2007, Italian Brunello is a large-berried variety of the Sangiovese grape, most famous in Brunello di Montalcino. The flavour profile of Sangiovese is fruity, with strong natural acidity, a firm and elegant assertiveness and a robust finish that can extend surprisingly long. The aroma is generally subtle, with cherry, strawberry, blueberry, and violet notes. Medium-bodied but boldly tannic and intense, this gripping wine will begin to open up after six months, but the richer flavours will take at least 18 months to show, with cherry and spice dominating the long, fruity finish.
Brunello shines in the company of assertively flavoured foods. Hard cheeses such as Asiago and Parmigiano Reggiano are splendid accompaniments and the wines backbone of acids and tannins make it work well with rich and spicy foods like Italian sausages or lasagna.
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Italian Brunello is Back!
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