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The leaves are appearing on the trees, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and you can feel the warmth in the sunlight. Summer will be upon us before we know it, so make sure you have your Summer sippers ready! We have some great new Island Mist wine kits which are awesome for Summer: Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris, Hard Pink Lemonade, and Hard Limeade. And don't forget about longtime favourites like Island Mist Raspberry Peach Sangria, Green Apple Riesling, Pomegranate Zinfandel, and more! CLICK HERE to check them all out.

In addition to setting up our Chocolate Port Pre-Orders (June), we are also in the initial stages of planning both our Annual Anniversary & Client Appreciation Celebration (July) and our Annual LE Wine Tasting (October). We will keep you updated in the upcoming months. 

Finally, those of you that have your January LE14's, be sure to try out the food pairing recipes below and see firsthand how a carefully crafted meal can elevate and even entirely change the experience with your wine. Enjoy!

Italian Super Tuscan Now Available

Beef & Mushroom Cottage Pies

Chocolate Intervention

Sweet Thai Glazed Shrimp Skewers

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April Special Offers

 Island Mist Hard Pink Lemonade & Hard Limeade

Sip on Sunshine with Island Mist Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris



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