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Fresh Spring Rolls
Featuring Selection Limited Edition Pacifica White


Large rice paper crepes

Green onions cut into thin slices (1 ½ inch lengths)

Firm tofu cut into thin strips (1 ½ inch lengths)

Carrots cut into thin slices (1 ½ inch lengths)

Bean sprouts

Enoki mushrooms


Coriander leaves

Required tools – A shallow pan with luke warm water and a flat work surface.


Lay out the desired amount of rice paper crepes beside a shallow pan with luke warm water.  Slice the green onions, tofu and carrots, and set aside.  Wash the bean sprouts and enoki mushrooms and set aside.  Scramble an egg and fry like a pancake in a shallow non stick pan.  Remove when firm and let cool.  Once cooled cut into thin 1 ½ inch lengths.  Wash coriander leaves and set aside.  Once everything is prepared it is time to begin the assembly.

Place a sheet of rice paper in the luke warm water for above 15 to 20 seconds to soften the crepe.  Gently remove from water and place on a clean flat work surface.  Fill with desired amount of prepared ingredients on the lower 1/3 of the round rice paper crepe.  Do not over stuff or crepe will break.  Roll tight into a log and fold in sides as you roll.

Cover with plastic wrap to keep moist if you are not using them immediately.

Serve with dipping sauces such as Satay or Sweet Plum Sauce.

Enjoy with a glass of off-dry white wine such as Pacifica White.


Fresh Spring Rolls

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