Hand Picking the Grape Harvest

Jan 28, 2016

Never Enough Wine

Every couple of years Winexpert's winemakers hop on a plane (or in this case 8) and visit the vineyards where they source the juice to produce the amazing wine kits that you enjoy. Winexpert's ace winemakers, Danielle and Tara, get up close and personal with old and new juice suppliers alike to see and talk about this year’s harvest. Here's part three of their journey:

HandpickingWhen our winemakers recently visited Manchuela, a sub appellation of La Mancha, they witnessed and participated in the traditional grape harvest.  Tara and Danielle were literally hand picking what would later become our juice crush.  Many vineyards in this region have stuck with their old school ways, allowing the grapes to grow without the support of trellises but therefore requiring a labour intensive, handpicked harvest.

With the abundance of sun and therefore a generally dry climate the grapes are sufficiently protected by their canopy in this region.  As demand grows so has automation so this was a rare opportunity for our winemakers. Consequently, they chose to celebrate a hard day’s work with a traditional “arroz” rice dish, not to be confused with paella (as their host vehemently warned)!

Stay tuned to hear more about Danielle and Tara’s European adventure!