Rough Landing

Dec 2, 2015

Never Enough Wine

Every couple of years Winexpert's winemakers hop on a plane (or in this case 8) and visit the vineyards where they source the juice to produce the amazing wine kits that you enjoy. Winexpert's ace winemakers, Danielle and Tara, get up close and personal with old and new juice suppliers alike to see and talk about this year’s harvest. Here's part two of their journey:


Sounds of retching are probably not what you want to hear when on a plane, let alone when you don’t speak the language of your fellow passengers.

However, when it’s windy between Paris and Madrid it’s what happens, or at least it was for Danielle and Tara on their way to visit Winexpert's wine kit juice suppliers. In their words, it was rough and not a photo op moment, hence the snap of the scenery out the window just prior to the descent into Madrid.

Once safely on the ground though, the trip took a definite up swing. First off, a traditional Spanish breakfast of toasted bread with chopped tomatoes to settle everyone’s tummy. Then off to visit suppliers in and around the La Mancha region where they saw monstrous juice tanks able to hold up to 200,000 litres of wonderful Spanish juice.


They also found out about (and most importantly tasted) new up and coming varietals. Mum’s the word on that for now though. Our loyal, fine wine loving customers will just have to wait for future limited release announcements.  Patience is a virtue – especially when it comes to great wine. 

Stay tuned to hear more about Danielle and Tara’s European adventure!