Just Look At The Money You're Saving!

Oct 6, 2014

Over the roughly thirty year existence of the personal winemaking industry, the quality of the product has come a long, long way. Craft winemakers can now enjoy wines comparable to, and in many cases much better than, their commercial counterparts found at your local liquor stores. Besides the excellent quality of the wines, one of the most significant benefits of making your own wine at Just Fine Wine continues to be the cost savings to you.

Sometimes it is not ideal to have to wait up to 8 weeks to receive your wine and the savings may not be readily apparent when you pay for an entire batch of thirty bottles up front.  This is the reason we've sat down and did a little number crunching for you. Most everyone is aware that making your wine at Just Fine Wine is cheaper than liquor stores and restaurants but have you ever wondered just how much money you're actually saving in the long run? We found out and the results are staggering -- well worth an 8 week wait! 

The following chart is based on an average person who consumes a single 5oz (or roughly 150ml) glass of wine a night. Since a standard bottle is 25oz (or 750ml), said person will consume just shy of one and a half bottles per week or slightly less than 73 bottles per year.  This works out to a little under two and a half batches at Just Fine Wine.  For ease of calculation we will round up to 75 bottles/year or 2 1/2 batches.

You're Saving Money at Just Fine Wine

While these numbers are already impressive, please keep in mind they are very conservative estimates. The quality of Winexpert wines of all levels is often far superior to the price level that we have used for commercial equivalents.  Two notable examples are Selection Italian Amarone and Eclipse Stag's Leap Merlot, whose starting price point in liquor stores is $40 and can be found for over $100. Yes, that's per bottle! And don't forget to factor in the increased savings if you drink more than the bottle and a half per week that the above calculations are based on.

If your thinking to yourself: "Yes, but what about my time?".  Well, guess what? You'll save that as well. And it's often said time is money! If it takes approximately five minutes to shop for each bottle of wine purchased in a liquor store, these purchases would take up 6.25 hours of your life each year. If it takes 5 minutes to shop for and 30 minutes to bottle a batch at Just Fine Wine, the total for year is a whopping 1.46 hours. A time savings of 4.8 hours a year. For a couple that's almost half a day saved to enjoy your wine rather than shop for it!

If you have ever had second thoughts about the economics of craft winemaking, we hope we've set those doubts at ease. Now sit back, relax, grab a glass of Just Fine Wine vino, and revel in the fact that not only are you drinking fabulous, award winning wines from around the globe, you're doing it at a fraction of the cost compared to those who do their wine shopping at a liquor store.